Welcome to your baby’s home away from home

Granny Mouse Day Care Centre is a specialist baby care facility for babies from 3 months old in Farrarmere, Benoni. We provide babies in our care with everything they need for the very best start in life in a loving, home-like environment.

Expert baby care by fully-trained caregivers

Our experienced team are trained to provide highly-personalised care to meet young babies’ very specific needs. Your baby will receive age-appropriate meals, stimulation and developmental activities, along with the one-on-one attention every little one deserves.

A flexible programme to meet each baby’s needs at every stage

Until babies become toddlers and are ready for a more traditional pre-school, their needs are highly individual and ever-changing. When you enrol your child at Granny Mouse Day Care Centre, you can be sure your baby will be given every opportunity to grow into a healthy, happy child.

Find out more about Granny Mouse Day Care Centre

Feel free to browse our website or follow us on Facebook for more on our approach to feeding, sleep and routine, and stimulation or contact us to visit Granny Mouse Day Care Centre for a first hand experience of what could be your baby’s home away from home.

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