Baby Food and Feeding

The introduction of solid foods is an exciting journey for babies, and we are privileged to share this adventure with the babies at Granny Mouse Day Care Centre. 


Introducing Solid Foods to Baby

  • When babies are enrolled they are each given two new facecloths which are theirs, and theirs alone, for the duration of their stay.
  • Offficially, we introduce solid foods from 6 months of age. Should parents wish to begin their babies on solids a little earlier or even later, we are always happy to oblige.
  • We begin with yellow vegetables, followed by green vegetables, then starches and, lastly, meat.
  • Daily meals containing a variety of tastes, colours and textures are prepared using fresh ingredients. 


Granny Mouse’s Daily Menu

Milk feeds (breast or bottle), as prescribed by parents

A selection of age-appropriate cereals, such as oats, Taystee Wheat, Maltabella or mieliepap.

A healthy, home-cooked meal that is age-appropriate and sure to delight. We include seasonal vegetables and fruit, for example, butternut, gem squash, potato, sweet potato, green beans, chicken, mince, rice and pasta.

A snack is provided during the afternoon. This may consist of slices of cheese, yoghurt or fruit, to name a few.

We advise parents to provide a water bottle daily, as babies are encouraged to drink water between meals and milk bottles to help encourage a healthy lifestyle.


Convenient Storage of Bulk Milk and Comfort Items

Granny Mouse Day Care Centre allocates a basket to each baby. These baskets are clearly marked and securely stored. To save you the daily chore of packing milk, milk powder and bottles, you may store bulk items in these baskets.

Dummies and other comfort objects may also be kept at the school.