We provide all the opportunity your baby needs to learn and grow

Stimulation from a very young age is extremely important and we strive to give each baby optimum exposure to stimulating play during their stay. With two on-site Kinderkinetici, you can be sure that your baby will receive the best, age-appropriate stimulation through play and exploration.

Our programme includes a wide variety of songs and movement.

Reading is extremely important and we, therefore, read to our babies every day.

Because each child develops at his/her own pace and it is our duty to help a child develop optimally according to his/her ability, we present a one-on-one activity to each baby daily.

These are a few of the many baby stimulation activities we offer:

  • baby massage
  • pincer grasp enhancement
  • strengthening of shoulder girth muscles
  • hand-eye co-ordination
  • visual and auditive stimulations
  • balance
  • midline crossing
  • ball skills

In addition, our afternoons are spent outdoors (weather permitting), where the children are able to roam freely and explore the garden and the age-appropriate outdoor toys.

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