Introduction to solid foods is an exciting journey for our babies, and we are privileged to share in this experience.

Our babies are introduced to solid foods officially from 6 months of age, however should parents wish for their babies to be introduced to solid foods earlier we are always happy to oblige.

We start solid introduction with yellow vegetables, followed by green vegetables, then starches and lastly meat.

Daily meals are prepared with fresh ingredients using a wide variety of tastes, colours and textures. 

We provide the following meals for baby daily:

  • Milk feeds (breast or bottle) as prescribed by the parents;
  • Breakfast:  A selection of age appropriate cereals such as oats, tastee wheat, maltabella
  • Lunch:  Dependant on baby’s age, but once all food groups have been successfully introduced each meal consists of a yellow veg, a green veg, a starch and a meat.  We include seasonal vegetables throughout the year and should your baby not enjoy a particular food item we can replace this with something they prefer.
  • Snacks:  2 snacks minimum are provided each day usually a fruit and a dairy product such as yoghurt or cheese.

Our baby house has individual marked baskets for each of our babies, and as such we are able to keep bulk milk containers and bottles at school should you prefer not to provide daily. 

Dummies and other comfort objects can also be kept at school for your convenience.

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